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Giancarlo Leporatti



Experience Innovation


Ever since I first sauntered into the business scene back in 1978 (yes, I had a brown head of hair then!), one thing's always been crystal clear to me - top-notch quality is the name of the game.

Fast forward to today, and my mission remains unchanged at Eureka MICE International.

With an unwavering zeal, I'm blending "Experience," "Innovation," and "Sustainability" in a delightful cocktail to whip up solutions that keep our services sharp, effective, and oh-so-advantageous.

Cheers to never-ending quests for excellence!


Eureka MICE International is a revolutionary tourism marketing company, focusing on the dynamic MICE and high-end tourism sectors. We pride ourselves in uniting the knowledge and capabilities of a global team, leveraging cutting-edge promotional and marketing strategies to deliver unparalleled results


Our Strengths



Including the most qualified Database for the MICE industry, always updated thanks to our constant monitoring. The database can be developed and systemized by country of interest

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To specific market segments. The high number of selected Buyers and our innovative formula offer all participants the best guarantee of success and unbeatable rates



Eureka MICE provides a complete map of international Open venue events, that in most countries can be detailed at national level.

Thanks to active direct contact and constant scouting, we draw together all relevant information on ongoing developments in the MICE market: an essential tool for our clients who wish to tailor their promotional and marketing services to fit the latest trends, thus successfully intercepting new business opportunities.



Building on its strong scouting activity, Eureka MICE produces and implements customized promotional services focused on client objectives, needs, and success - always aiming at maximum client satisfaction.

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