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MICE Market Training is a Eureka MICE specialization


Forty years of experience in the sector, constant research, market monitoring and analysis, and continuous relations with buyers worldwide, have given Eureka MICE a thorough understanding of MICE markets, their trends and their most probable developments.

Thanks to a specifically developed training system and to cutting-edge technology, Eureka MICE supports those professionals taking part in our training courses so that they can operate successfully within specialist segments of the vast MICE market.

Training models

Training models are based on “practice”:   surveys, market analysis, testimony, case histories, brainstorming and discussion supported by innovative methodologies and technologies that assist participants in understanding the concepts discussed, with the integrated use of both on-site and remote training.

Training system

The training system is designed to meet the demands of those wishing to work or compete successfully in the various segments of the MICE market.

Training courses

Training courses are held by authoritative and experienced professional trainers with expertise in the individual subjects covered. In addition to on-site trainers, the Eureka MICE training project includes remote cooperation with “Masters”, authoritative international experts with whom trainees can exchange queries and ideas


MICE High Training Center is a structure conceived by Eureka Mice International to train managers and specialist operators to the highest professional levels in the emerging strategic areas of MICE and high-end tourism.


Each trainee is supported throughout the training pathway

In advance



Preparing them, if necessary, for the minimum degree of knowledge expected by means of introductory interviews and Webinars, and by providing them with a large amount of relevant documentation.

During the training period



Following their learning curve step by step, enabling them to be constantly updated, even in the event of their absence, and providing further insight into their subjects of interest by producing documentation or arranging for them to have an exchange of ideas with “Masters”.

At the end of the training period


With specialised tutoring by trainers and Masters and participation in Forums and further insight meetings organised on the subjects of interest. 

The training package is personalised according to our client’s objectives and can be structured in various ways, making use of all or part of the following training tools:

  • Meetings, conferences, seminars in the training room ​

  • Remote training via Webinars, themed forums, web tutoring

  • Interactive documentation

  • Aptitude tests and suitability exams 

  • Individual or team exercises

  • Constant updating

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