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Event planning


In event planning and production, Eurekamice supplies all-round specialist support: from consulting to the identification of the most suitable organizational, logistic, financial, insurance and fiscal solutions, to the management of budgets with risk minimization for promoters, from the planning and submission of international candidacies to the partial or complete production of the event.

Since 1978...

La Civiltà Cinese Antica

Venezia, Fondazione G. Cini 8-11 maggio 1985

...we support events of all kinds

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Production work is developed in parallel and synergetically with other Eureka MICE activities designed to support the initiatives of the company and its clients. When agreeing to produce an event, Eureka MICE guarantees that the project will be carried out as planned with the total or partial acceptance of the relevant risks, according to those conditions agreed upon with the client.


Choosing solutions that best match our client’s requirements: from the legal, administrative and fiscal ones to contractual points of view; from insurance plans to the most suitable organizational and operational frameworks; from the timing of the various stages to the organisation chart; from the exhibition hall to sponsorship; from communication to the selection of the most suitable and affordable destinations and locations.


For its organisational work, Eureka MICE relies on specialist interaction with a network of local professionals and companies created through specifically designed systems and methodologies. A formula that guarantees cutting-edge services at very advantageous rates. The search for the most effective and advantageous providers and the building of the most appropriate logistic and organizational system pairs with service management and suppliers' quality control and coordination, and checking of charges.


A revolution in event management

Eureka MICE has its own innovative online Congressystem, designed to revolutionise traditional ways of organising and managing events, simplifying all procedures while at the same time making them more precise and easier to control. Thanks to the combined use of the most advanced ICloud, Online Booking engine, Software management, CRM and Website builder technologies, Congressystem brings together and manages the most secure, effective and affordable system for you, with all the functions necessary for your event: from collecting registrations to managing the registration fees, from hotel booking and allotment management to sending confirmations and receipts/invoices, from managing the Abstracts to massive or personalised shipments, from setting up the site to the Newsletters. From your control panel, with any device, wherever you may be, you can monitor the organisational processes in real time and be constantly up-to-date about your event.

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