The Maverick Awards recognise innovation and sustainability

in the Tourism and Event Industry



What they are 

The Maverick Awards recognise innovation and sustainability in the events industry. They go to those who have made a significant contribution to the development and improvement of the quality of goods and services in fields expressly identified by the competition’s themes. 

How they are organised 

The awards break down into two distinct sectors: the association-conference market and the events tourism market.
Each sector has its own awards criteria, ceremonies and juries.

Who can take part 

The awards are aimed at individuals, companies and regional entities that have been able to turn their vision into a business reality based on innovation and sustainability.
The following may compete in the awards: institutions, clubs, consortia, business combinations, companies, professionals and individual operators who have created goods, services or initiatives that may have a qualitative impact on the fields targeted by the awards.

How to register

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